Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P.I.E.S. - Physical Intellectual Emotional Social Growth

1) Laptop bag
P- Handphone pouch
E- Too ugly, want to buy another one
2) Something given to you by someone older
P- Cash $
I- Use it wisely, don't overspend
E- Dull, it is ritual to receive it everyday
S- Money is the root of all evil
3) Taking a ride in an MRT
P- Standing everyday in the bus
I- Why can't I take a taxi?
E- Embarrassed, because blocking people's exit
4) Watching a movie or a documentary
P- The movie Hachiko: A dog's story (2010)
I- Story about a loyal dog who waits for its master home everday
E- Touching, when the master never came back, it will still wait for him until it died
S- Understanding about loyalty

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