Friday, January 22, 2010

What is research?

Research is about finding out more and exploring the depths of a particular subject. With our knowledge capacity quite limited, we cannot remember all the facts of a particular subject. We can renew our memory with even more sophisticated facts. When I am bound to do a presentation, books is sometimes hard to find, with technology, facts can all be accessed very quickly.
Research is very important as we must understand about the situation before executing an action. To prevent misunderstanding, one must be sure what his research is about. For example, if we are told to do a science research, we must find out about the topic and not copy and paste all sorts of information we found.
We can conduct a good research by collaborating with other people and share our ideas with them, in such a way, facts can be presented better.
(Note: I enjoy writing long blog posts, sometimes I write longer than that- just one whole chunk with no paragraphing.)

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